Large leather bags withsurface design
large bag with surface design

Ann Ringness / Leather

As a leather artisan since 1974, a natural rhythm has developed in my work. Before hand cutting, each piece is examined thoroughly. As I lay out my designs I choose which part of the hide will work best to enhance each piece I am working on. Then each seam is guided carefully on an industrial sewing machine to insure quality and longevity.

My leather bags are classic and functional and are in constant change. My recent work includes burning dot impressions into the surface of the leather where I achieve a positive-negative effect, sometimes creating pictographs. After the image is burnt onto the leather it is backed with quilting material, which is then stitched by machine and by hand for enhancement. Hides come in basic selection of black, dark brown, medium brown, navy and canyon tan. Other limited colors and textures of leather are available seasonally.

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Ann Ringness in her booth at the 2014 American Craft Council Show
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