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Ann Ringness Leather


September, 2013

Thank you for giving my purse the TLC it doesn’t get
nearly often enough from me. I really enjoy using it, and appreciate
that it looks better now. It’s great that you offer this service &
it’s a rare thing in today’s world.

                             — Linda

Incredible service and wonderful products...
My thorough gratitude and appreciation.

                           — Joe

What speed and beauty. Thank you for sharing your beautiful craft-womanship! It is a joy to use your creation.

                               — Janet

My bag arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful. Thank you so much,
I’ve used this purse steady for nearly three years– the most attractive and functional I’ve ever owned.

                                  — Georgia, Customer-for-life


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am every time I use
my new purse, which I brought at the recent Landmark Center event...It’s also the first bag I’ve ever purchased that was quality enough to cost  more than 20 dollars...and now I’m wondering why I waited so long to do it! After moving to this purse, I feel ultra-organized and (as silly as it sounds) more grown up somehow, like I finally ditched the college mentality...


...Your design work is very neat and classic.
When I first had the bigger bag I would annoy my sixteen year old son by saying—in each town we went to—”I have the nicest handbag in town.”



My purple bag is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL—a work of
art! You are so dear to make it for me! I was stunned with its beauty!
Thank you!!

                                        — Lyn

Thanx so much for the beautiful dye job you did on my blue leather purse. It looks GREAT! I tell everyone it’s the best purse I’ve ever had.

                                    — Karen

Yesterday’s mail brought me the navy blue purse & what a beauty it is! It’s such a pleasure ordering from you for I know I’ll never be disappointed.

                                            — Judy

LOVE the bags, Have been using the small one & I am
amazed at how light it is even when it is loaded! Besides, it’s
gorgeous—if you ever want a testimonial letter from a Texan, just let me know—

                                        — Cary

The bag is gorgeous—sure to get compliments galore.
I love the inside. I love the outside. You certainly outdid yourself with this one.

                                          — Helen

Thank you! The purse arrived reconditioned it’s almost like new. WOW! Thanks  so much. It feels good to have it back in circulation.